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Monday 08 November 2021 marks a milestone of two years Lost Time Injury (LTI) free for the FRIDA I. It goes beyond saying that this is a huge achievement. It shows leadership and commitment from everybody involved: on board of FRIDA I, shore base in Ciudad del Carmen and home office in the Netherlands.

The first two years have been extremely busy and demanding for most of the crew. Typically, after an inter country mobilization, extended shipyard period, Covid-19 pandemic people movement impact and start-up with a new client we had to catch up on PM’s, start the in-between-well maintenance and adapt the rig to client requirements.

All above mentioned activities, and a lot more, have been accomplished safely and in a timely matter.

Our dedicated crews have worked hard and all efforts made have paid off: 730 days with an average of 25700 man hours/month, LTI-free!

The great efforts shown by the crew, the commitment to the operations, makes OOS quite confident about our ability to overcome any challenges in the future.

It speaks for itself that it has not been a walk in the park. Technical issues, minor injuries and small incidents have been a wakeup call. Regardless this, taking lessons learned and making corrective actions got us where we are today.

That being said, every morning when you look in the mirror remember: “This person is responsible for its safety today.”

We all know it’s an everyday decision if we want to make the day a safe and efficient day again.

Safe for you, safe for me.

FRIDA I (Vessel Management Team)