Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

HSEQ Overview

Continual improvement on Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality is our prime focus. The company will strive for a Zero Lost Time Injury workplace, minimize risks and seek zero impact on the global environment.

We expect our managers to demonstrate HSEQ Leadership by setting a good example and coaching staff to ensure safe operations offshore and onshore.

Our performance leads back to the obtained certification of the International Safety Management Code (ISM), ISO 9001 (quality management system standard), ISO 14001 (environmental management standard), and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety standard) for our organization.

The company continuously pursues and lives up to these guidelines, seeking opportunities at all times to improve on HSEQ processes and our operational performance.

The company has a well-developed document control system where procedures, guidelines, rules, and regulations are kept and updated regularly.

Our policies, published on this website, demonstrate how OOS Energy is committed to ensuring employees work in a safe environment at all times and our aim of guaranteeing high-quality standards.