Company Introduction

OOS Energy, founded in 2017 by Léon Overdulve and Cor Selen to extend the OOS service portfolio with Drilling and Plugging & Abandonment services.

The Plugging & Abandonment capability enables us to take a next step towards an all-inclusive, efficient and cost-effective solution on decommissioning operations that we can offer to the offshore industry.

OOS Energy has designed a complete new self-propelled jack-up that is able to perform Plugging & Abandonment activities, while simultaneous operations for the platform removal are conducted. In combination with these activities the unit will also be able to completely remove and transport the platform topside and jacket. This concept significantly helps clients reducing costs and increase productivity on decommissioning projects.

OOS Energy is in advanced discussions with shipyards and equipment providers to execute a building contract for two of these units. Besides these decommissioning activities, the company also provides rig management and marine support services.

In 2019, OOS Energy has obtained the management contract for the drilling semi-submersible Frida I, to provide drilling services in the Gulf of Mexico.

For more information about our company and our services, please contact us. We are more than happy to be of assistance to you.