The OOS Energy Multi Activity Unit is a DP2 self-propelled jack-up designed for harsh environment conditions.


– Drilling operations

– Well Interventions

– Work over operations

– Plug and Abandon operations

– Installation and decommissioning

– Platform installation & removal

– Jacket installation & removal

– Monopile installation

– Wind turbine installation/ maintenance

– Accommodation unit

– Transportation, loading and offloading

Main characteristics

Length: 91 m (excl. helideck)

Breadth: 52 m (excl. boom rests)

Depth: 9.1 m

Water depth: rating 55 m Harsh or 80 m benign

POB: 200 in single and dual cabins

Helideck: S61N – S92

Main deck: free space 2500 m2

VDL: 6000MT (7500MT with P&A package back loaded)

Drilling - P&A package

Tower rated 363MT (800 kips), 43.5 m clear working height

Cantilever reach X direction 24.4 m Y direction +/- 17.5 m (Rotating cantilever)

Set-back capacity 7600 m

Top Drive 363MT – 70.5 kNM (52000 ft*lbs) continuous torque

Pipe handling Automated High speed > 1220 m/h

Mud pumps 5000 psi, 2 x 1600HP (1389 ltr/ min)

BOP 3 Ram 13.5/8”10M, 1 Annular 13.5/8”5M


2 Leg Encircling Cranes, main hoist each 1200MT @ 22m, auxiliary hoist 50MT

Tandem lift capability of 2400MT

Clear main hoist lifting height above main deck 76 m or 93 m with extended boom

Monopile handling system

Special P&A and efficiency features

Dual load-path cantilever enables simultaneous well activity on 2 wells

Swarf handling system included in mud treatment system

Tubing cutter to ensure consistent tubing retrieval speed

Splittable block 12/8/4 falls

Dual drum draw works (No slip & cut and higher traveling speed)

No need for slip segment changes if pipe diameter changes

Automated pipe handling in excess of 1220 m/h

High reach (X & Y) cantilever providing flexibility to avoid positioning of the unit spud cans in old jack-ups spud can holes

Cantilever parking provides a clear deck area of 2500 m2 when not using the Drilling – P&A package

Green features

Dual fuel (MGO-LNG) powerplant

Powerplant designed to optimize power demand

Self-propelled unit, no requirement for support tugs during mobilization/demobilization

Pipe Tubs for transportation of tubulars including waste containment

MAU1 Luctor et emergo


 CJ 46

Independent leg jack-up

CJ 50

Independent leg jack-up

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