OOS Energy can offer clients a smart solution reducing their costs by supplying one vessel. The Multi Activity Unit (MAU) is a self-propelled DP2 unit with a Variable Deck Load of 6000MT (7600MT with the cantilever removed) and is designed to fully support the offshore industry. OOS Energy is able to offer clients many different services, from Transportation to Installation offshore for multiple structures each weighing up to 2400MT. The high crane lifting capacity and flexibility enables the MAU to install or remove Platforms/ Jackets/ Monopiles/ Wind Turbines. The MAU will further provide a comfortable accommodation for up to 200 persons.

Plug & Abandonment / Decommissioning

The Multi Activity Unit (MAU) is equipped with a Plug & Abandonment (P&A) package that enables OOS Energy to execute simultaneous activities on multiple oil and gas wells. Its smart high reach cantilever is fitted with a second adjustable load path for a rigless P&A approach. Combined with the high efficiency 450MT load path on the main well centre the MAU provides a system that can deal with every P&A challenge. The MAU will further provide a comfortable accommodation for up to 200 persons during the whole platform preparation phase while P&A work is in progress.

After completions of the P&A activities and simultaneous platform removal preparations, the MAU P&A tower is stored forward. This will provide a clear deck area of 3400 m2 to accommodate topsides and jackets with weights up to 2400MT each. After loading, the MAU will sail to a shipyard for offloading of the structures without the need for additional support vessels.

Drilling & Well Intervention

OOS Energy offers a cost-effective all-inclusive solution to clients’ drilling and well intervention. The Multi Activity Unit (MAU) of OOS Energy is able to sail to location without the need for additional support vessels and position the P&A Tower above the well slots. The MAU is fully equipped to perform drilling and extensive work over activities on existing or new wells. The P&A (Drilling) tower is designed with unique equipment that significantly reduces the flat time periods of a well time-depth curve. (i.e. no requirement for slip & cut operations, tripping in excess of 1220 m/ hour, no need to change inserts on power slips if the pipe size changes).

In 2017 OOS Energy obtained the management contract for the drilling semi-submersible Frida I for a drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico. The Frida I is a DP2, drilling semi-submersible, suitable for WD up to 2400m in DP mode and up to 500m moored and a variable deck load of 6800mt. The unit has an NOV 18 3/4 , 15k Blow Out Preventor, 4x NOV 2200hp, 7500psi mudpumps and an NOV Amphion drilling system, 2million lbs derrick. OOS Energy was responsible for the mobilization of the unit from Brasil and the installation of the mooring system.
OOS Energy has the commercial and operational management of a number of stranded assets (drill ships, semi submersibles, ack-ups). Please contact our office for more information.

Asset Management

OOS Energy in combination with OOS International is specialized in managing Semi-Submersible Drilling, Crane, Construction- and Accommodation Units.
OOS provides you with the full range of ship management services as agent to owners. All vessels meet the present stringent safety and environmental requirements and are subject to intensive maintenance programs, in order to lift your projects to a higher level.
OOS provides ship management services for capital investment companies, ship owners and for all other potential offshore partners. We will provide bespoke ship management solutions for all of your business requirements.

OOS International distinguishes itself by experience with the combination of both heavy lift construction- and accommodation supporting semi-submersible vessels. With the services listed below, we always work cooperatively with our customers and partners, focusing on improvements, but without compromising on safety.

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