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La Muralla

Jun 15th 20.30 the CICSA (Carso Infraestructura y Construccion S.A) owned and OOS Energy Rig Management Services Managed Semi-Submersible La Muralla IV departed Freeport Bahamas to Curaçao.

After completion of the initial stage of the reactivation of the La Muralla IV, obtaining all required Flag & Class certification the La Muralla IV is now enroute and is expected to arrive in Curaçao on June 28th.

In Curaçao the second part of the reactivation will be conducted, including full overhaul of the 8 thrusters, CAT IV inspection of the main drilling load path equipment, upgrade of the BOP to Standard 53 and major maintenance of all other drilling and well control equipment.

The La Muralla IV is expected to be ready for employment early Q4-2023.

The La Muralla IV is a 2012 built DP3 GVA 7500 design rig. Equipped with a rig owned AF Global (NOV) MPD system.